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    Mirror mirror on the wall……….Resized_20190217_150148Resized_20190217_150157Resized_20190217_150210Resized_20190217_150219(1)IMG_20190217_095628IMG_20190217_095654IMG_20190217_100441


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    Fixture for milling The other side of The carter.


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    Nice work.


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    Next to drill is the wheel hub/disc brake adapter I see. :thumb
    How far is the Ciao frame ? anny reinforcements to the frame for the many many horsepower engine ?
    Will keep looking forward but also patiently waiting for some !!!


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    Which holes are you referring to?
    The frame is, as is in earlier post in the thread.. I’ll need to finnish the carter before I know where to reinforce because I will need to cut the frame a bit to fit the carter in place because of double sided crankshaft.

    Some more progress on the carter, starting to look like the 3D model.. Exciting, if it won’t work, it will still be one sexy piece of metal to have on the shelf 😀



    And a small video..


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    It’s stays satisfying to watch, like an episode of Discovery’s How it’s made.


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    Hehe, well then it’s time for next episode 🙂 Now it’s really looking like the 3D model, it’s satisfying to see  something go from sketch in computer into something you can touch!

    One side is almost finnished, only som chamfers and a screwhole left!
    As usual, a small video clip in the end.




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    It is as if I am in a nursery and a new world citizen has just been born.
    And it has a Vfrorce pacifier 🙂

    Do you have a name for this carter?

    Draaiwerk, freeswerk, carters kotteren? Reparatie of tuning?
    Klik hier.

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    It’s been a while since last and it’s mostly because we had a major set-back with tolerances.
    The machine seem to miss steps or there is a bug with backlash compensation.
    The seatings for the bearing were ofsetted with about 0,35mm on Y axis.
    We have corrected this by re-milling the “keys” to oversize and making custom keys, instead of Minarelli original Keys for this EVO-1 carter. So now we’re back att decent tolerances at 0,02mm for the bearing offset.
    But we haven’t found the problem yet though, so still need to troubleshoot.. We do encounter some missed step here and there,but they are not in places tolerances are needed, only estethical.Resized_20190330_171633_01


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    Couple of more picturesResized_20190331_165857Resized_20190331_165851Resized_20190331_165903


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    Looks great ! , hope for the best and I know for sure you figure it out soon !

11 berichten aan het bekijken - 151 tot 161 (van in totaal 161)

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