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    Mine Athena crank is still in the box on the shelf. And it will stay there a bit longer.

    Indeed this looks of, but not uncommon in the world of Piaggio/Vespa. It is known Polini cases and Malossi as well have problems with a flywheel which in combination of an aftermarket crank will scratching the cases. Try the new Pinasco flywheel and it’s even worse.  Another option is mill something from your flywheel so it runs freely.

    I thought you said building was the most fun? 😎


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    Maybe it’s best for it to stay in the box and look good. 🙂

    Building is one thing and paying top dollar and having to “fix” it is another. 🙂
    Sometimes I just want to invest my self out of a problem, instead of building it from scratch. But I expect the parts to be within decent tolerances. 1mm off compared to original crank isn’t acceptable in my opinion, and I don’t want to modify other good parts just to fit a faulty part.

    Damn, i feel anxiety when something comes out 0,05 mm off spec, I wonder how theese guys even can sleep at night when having 1 mm as tolerance during quality check. 😀

    I’ve tried both the OEM flywheel and Pinasco, they both get stuck. I have opened a ticket from the shop I bought it, see if they’ll accept the return.


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    Have you tried the original flywheel, to check if you have less vibrations?
    The Vespa engine uses the flywheel as a part of its final balance factor, because the crankshaft has the rotary inlet cutout where the counterweight has to be.
    To my understanding, the pinasco flywheel is neutrally balanced, the original ones aren’t.

    And btw, i only buy Mazzucchelli crankshafts, never had any problems with them. The standard one (AMT002) will give you about 172° of inlet timing in a Speedengine. Runs fine like that, or expand it a little to ~185° or whatever you like.

    regards, Carsten

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    It’s been a while since last.. Worked with the engine yesterday and made a Pull-start bracket.
    The bracket that came with the PVR pullstart isn’t compatible with my CNC case.

    Further I shaped the transfers, not completly satisfied with the design but I think it will be good enough.
    Still some work left I need to do with the dremel and polish it up a little bit and so.



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    Nice progress, its really getting there:thumb


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    Good to see an update again. Nice 😍

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    Nice man , so VCM 2020 its will be on display :mrgreen:

7 berichten aan het bekijken - 226 tot 232 (van in totaal 232)

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