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    Hello, all of you vespa freaks out there! πŸ™‚

    Thought it was time for me to start my own perso here, instead of just sneaking around and try to read/understand Dutch! πŸ˜€
    Anyway, I’m an ordinary, 28 years old dude who lives in cold Sweden, when I was 16, the last moped I had was an old ciao. Now wanted something to cruise around on during the summer, and some sunny days maybe riding it for work.

    First thing I did when the frame arrived was to put on the short version Puch maxi hydraulic EBR forks, which are prepared for disc brake setup. At the time I did’nt know theese are about 23mm wider internal than non-disc-brake forks. So I’ll have to manufacture a spacer so that the axle won’t get bent.

    I did have to cut the steering pipe, aprox 15mm So I have enough thread left to fasten the maxi bolt on top!

    So, this is an side by side comparision, the 17″ 10 spoke that I will use with 2,75″ Vee-rubbers, slightly bigger diameter. The 5 spaaks I have no use for, so they will be sold.

    Damn, thoose 2,75″ are wide!!! We have a problem! Or do we? πŸ˜€

    Hmm, naa I don’t see any problem.. the 2,75 will fit now… Looking naked, naked is sexy right? πŸ˜€

    It’s rude to be naked in public, so we put some clothes on! πŸ™‚

    Okey, who gave that badboy a dose of steroids? Either 3″ is BIG, or the ciaoframe is small!?

    So, theese are the spacers for the front fork.. Straight from the CNC mill πŸ™‚

    Well, I haven’t done anything else yet, next weekend I’ll probably sand it down and weld it, and weld the spacers to the EBR fork.


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    Nice perso. Already decided which setup you are going to take?


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    Yes, pretty much.. But I must confess that I want kick-blok, and also the side inlet carter.. But you can’t have everything in the world, especially not thoose two at the same time πŸ˜›

    But the setup is:
    – Malossi RV elec carter with carbon fibre reed flaps.
    – Malossi crank shaft/krukas, 10mm
    – PHBG 19mm carburator
    – Pinasco black, 46mm with open boost ports

    Above parts, I already have, parts still to be ordered is
    – Front variator, I haven’t decided weither to go for Malossi or Polini, heard people having trouble with the malossi one!?
    – Exhaust system, It will probably be Simonini Calibrata, If there isn’t any better exhaust?
    – Malossi 1:9 gears, not sure if I really want theese as I’m not a speed-freak, more of an acceleration guy.. So I’ll probably stick to the 1:10,5 original gearing.

    Started out with the matchporting of the transfers

    On my way there… slowly….

    Ahh, the boost ports are open.. πŸ™‚

    Almost finnished πŸ™‚


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    Welkom en nice to share with us your SX3’s Ciao, and it is already looking Good naked 8)

    Like your setup, will be fast with the ride treatment, cilinder has alredy lost her virginity by breaking up her boost and tranfers, sow are you tuning the exhaustport later or do a try/testdrive first ?

    Will follow your progress because it looks that the know-how is there and promising :thumb

    And if you don’t mind, take picture’s from your ciao in the beautiful nature of Sweden.


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    Looking good, setup is nice, and those wide tires lookin tasty as fuck in my opinion :D.
    Looking forward to see more.


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    nice moped man. I really like the looks and especially the specs.
    Hopefully you post much more of you progression in this perso !


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    Thanks guys! πŸ™‚
    I will continue to keep you posted with updates!

    At the moment I’m thinking about may changing the motor-setup, not sure though!

    – Simonini replica side inlet for 70mm crank
    – Polini SE, big carter half
    – PHBG 21mm carburator
    – Mazuchelli P10, full circle crank-shaft

    I’m not sure if the malossi crank-shaft will fit inside the speed engine carter? I think it’s 70mm and 43 stroke, can the polini SE take 74mm cranks? I’m not so good at the all the diieferent measurements and what parts fits together and so on.

    What can I expect by going from a 19mm carb to 21mm carb?


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    A bigger carburetor will give you a wider power band. You should try comparing a 19mm and a 21mm on your setup and see what the difference is.


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    OK, once at home I could meassure the crankshaft. Indeed the Malossi Full circle crank is 70mm diameter and will fit in your SE exept the connecting rod itself is wider and scratches the inside of your SE. This can be worked though. A wider crankshaft of 74mm in diameter will not fit in your SE.

    When in doubt of your setup, why not starting a kick SE with bigger carburation? In this example you get your bigger carb and kickstart option. Also there are some kick Malossi RV’s and Polini EVO’s out there. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, nice you put up a perso here. I’ll have a look at how you dress-up your Ciao.


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    vΓ€lkommen to the site :thumb

    It’s nice to see some swedish people around here ;P

    You already did some nice work to your ciao and motor cant wait to see more πŸ˜‰

    Je ware pubertijd duurt je leven lang
    Lightlord's Dizzy/Gypsi

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    @lightlord – Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ve seen there have been other Swedes around here before, when I search the forum πŸ˜€

    @Martino – Are theese kick-start SE anywhere to be found, or is it the second hand market I should keep my eyes open at?

    I have been searching a while for PHBG 21mm carbs and I must say the confusion is BIG, there are many many different options out there, AD, AS, BS, BD, CS and God knows what more suffix..

    The second letter I figured means:
    S = Mixture and idle on the left side
    D = Mixture and idle on the right side

    As for the first letter,
    B = Spigot connection
    A/C = Clamp connection

    But then I noticed some carbs have vacuum connection, and some have separate oil connection.. For example the 21mm on JMPB have Dellorto ref.num: 2633 (PHBG 21mm CS), mixture screws on left side, clamp connection but it also have a connection for separate oil, but no vacuum, and comes with manual choke, AU262 diffusor/atomizer.

    The black racing version comes with both vacuum and oil connection but cabelchoke and spigot connection, AU262 diffusor/atomizer.

    Then we have the PHBG 21 BD, which comes with spigot connection and mixture on right side (correct side for Polini SE/Malossi RV) But it comes with cable choke.

    I don’t know whats best, for examble the SE carter, spigot connection is the best, for the malossi RV I don’t think it matters as it has to be modified anyway.

    For the simonini side intake, I’m not sure if clamp or silicone funnel is the best.. The silicone take up some vibrations, which is good, and also a bit flexible if you hit it with your feet on the other hand the clamp connection seem more solid and takes less room.. Is there room for adjustment when mixtures are on the left side of the carb on the simo side inlet?

    The worst thing I think is that the JET/needle/atomizer differs between the models, Like the AS, comes with AN diffusor and W6 needle, but the others comes with AU duffusor and W7 needle.

    Is it possible to plug the oil/vacuum connections?

    (The reason I’m writing all this, is because in a couple of hours, I will forget all the info and have to start over with my research, now I just need to re-read my post) Ofcourse, if you have opinions, you’re welcome to comment on the carbs πŸ™‚


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    also keep your eyes open for the atomizer. there are an and au atomizers. you can determine an au carb if you take a look into the carb from the airfilter or engineside, then you see a “golden” c shape. with golden I mean the metalcolor. A au carb is for 2 stroke and a au carb for 4 stroke.

    I Visited Sweden some years ago, around VΓ€xjo. Nature is very nice! Whats about police? Do they matter about fast Mopeds?

    Greets from Germany


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    Hence my wink, because you will have to find one of these carters in the second hand marked indeed. As most off the nicer items.

    Oil and vacuum can be closed by any kind of plug/cap.


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    Why would a spigot connection (or slide-in connection) be better for you SE? The aftermarket oversized Polini intake manifolds we produce and the others that are available out there are usually are 24mm outer diameter (for PHBG carbs) meant for clamp-on connection carbs.


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    @cooperring: Yes, I know about the atomizer, that’s one of the reason of my carb-headache πŸ˜€ Swedish nature is nice indeed. The police do matter about tuned mopeds, mostly they do raids at schools where there are alot of kids with tuned moped and if they see you drive by in in fast speed they will probably stop you.. But if you drive with inside of your head, and don’t go at school I think the risk is minimum to get stopped.

    @Martino: Good news, that will definatly make it easier to find a proper carb

    @Fredzz: I was just “spit balling”, I’ve never seen a SE or EVO carter in real life, nor many on the net.. So I just assumed that the PHBG would’nt fit with clamp connection. But now I’ve learned something new.. Thanks for the input, it’s appriciated!

    Overall I’m awaiting the weekend so I can continue with the build.. Meanwhile I did a order from JMPB (which BTW is like shopping at IKEA, you put cheap stuff in the basket and end upp with a several hundred € bill and wonder WTF happened.)

    The bigger stuff in the basket were a Polini speed control and a 22mm Simonini Calibrata.

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