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    Hey Guys im Daniel from Germany, i have an pinasco deps 43, and want to know how to edit the carter, the crankshaft, the exhaust ports? Is here somebody who know it or Knows somebody, who knows it? Thanks for your answers and i Hope it is the right category.


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    Welcome Daniel.
    We have some nice how to’s on this subject and many more. You can find them over here: how to’s
    But since your new and this site is in Dutch I’ll get you started. Below this there’s a little explanation on your questions, supplied with links to the appropriate how to’s. Hope this helps you.

    You can enlarge your inlet to 13mm and file the inlet port a little bit (this will also adjust the timing so it’s important you take this in account when milling the crankshaft).
    How to tune your inlet

    If you place the bottom gasket of the cilinder on the crankcase you can trace the ports onto the carter with a marker. This way you know where to remove material. But be very careful with large crankcase. It’s rather thin and easy to make a hole in it.
    How to tune your crankcase

    For the crankshaft you’ll have to do some measurements and calculations to know how much you can remove.
    How to tune your crankshaft

    The deps already has a pretty big exhaust port. But if you still want to alter the timing or enlarge it you’ll have to do some measurements and calculations again.
    How to tune your exhaust port

    Mücke95 wrote:
    Hope it is the right category.

    It is now 🙂


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    Maybe best to put this cylinder on a Malossi MP 1, 2 or One carter, but also possible to use it with Piaggio carters and there are many options you can consider. There is a good topic already which you might find useful.

    Here the topic:
    And also a good topic:

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