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    DR-flenny forced ma to post my birthday present here.

    gasket need some rework to fit

    the small Malossi inlet will be changed by a Stage6 with larger membrane for a 24mm carb


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    Haha No No!

    I did not force anything and next to that i did not say HERE.
    This is a Perso ;)! So you need to enlighten us with more informations on your plans and the future of this engine.
    What moped etc More pictures and more explaining mister mister!


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    DR-flenny forced me to put it under a Grillo :whistle

    For that I have two options


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    The flowers go realy nice with the Simo engine 😀 😛


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    Das sieht ja gut aus, wie immer 😉

    Ich nehme an dass du im Zylinderkopf auch ein Dekoventil ein baust?


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    Nice birthday present!! But i would not say the same about the Flowerpower Grillo so if i can vote i vote for the blue Grillo as i like it :).


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    for sure the flowerpower:D


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    Yeah 4 sure the flowerpower Grillo:thumb:lol


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    I’m green :lol take the flowerpower indeed…


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    Looks great:thumb


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    short update after a while.

    As I heard negative experiences with new Simonini krukas I decided to order a 46mm stroke Sprocatti krukas.

    If you compare the connecting rods of a Simo krukas (top) and a Sprocatti krukas(bottom)the Sprocatti looks much more durable for a 81,5cc engine.

    also the Sprocatti connecting rod has a slot in the piston pin bearing area for greasing

    then I made first rough pre assembly of the components. There need to be some rework on the piston in the marked area

    also there is not much gap between piston on lower end position to the carter.

    the piston window is not complete open compared to the window in the cylinder

    and looking through the inlet side, there are cylinder and piston blocking a nice gas flow. This will need to be reworked as well.


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    You’ve tried to made visable the differences between the Simonini and Sprocatti cranks, but it looks like you have not the new type Simonini 46mm stroke on photo. Your crank by the looks of it, looks more like a 44m stroke?

    A new type Simo 2007 crank looks very similar to an Sprocatti crank.
    Still like to know which connecting rod Sprocatti uses as it looks like they cut of the old logo or branding.

    Some reference:


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    yes, that is my old 44mm Simo crank.

    Didn’t konw the Simo crank look similar now. But I have heard from a PMT member that he bought a new Simo crank with bad bearing passing.
    So I decided not to buy a Simo one.


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    That is true. I’ve had several different (NEW) Simonini crankshafts that all had bad bearing clearances.

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