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    Dear all,
    I have to buy a Pinasco 46mm kit but i can’t find any comparison/technical informations between 46mm’s new Evoten and the black/silver ones.
    So i really like to know the strokes and Evoten’s portmap.(Pinasco are closed for vacations)
    Is the 46mm Black/Silver stroke 44mm, right ?
    Stroke of the Evoten + portmap ?
    Best to all^^


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    Remember Pinasco took a while with there kits to come to this so called “EVOTEN” kits. In between there was also a normal cylinder with the new cylinderhead. These kits where exactly the same as the older ones. Same port layout and timing. So my best guess is this newest edition is the same as well only there is the use for the new cylinderhead to bolt it on with 5 instead of 3 cylinderstuds. This will raise the compression ratio.

    Our engines normally run a 43mm stroke and the Pinasco will do fine by this, but if measured, indeed both the silver and black can run on a 44mm stroke without any problem.

2 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 2 (van in totaal 2)

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