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    Hello You All !!
    is there anybody, who has the knowlege to explain the diffirance beetween engine tapes (ex. M1M, M7E, C1E, CD1E etc.)  and the type of carbs to them (12.07, 12.10, 12.12) and the diffirence of the typpes of Back hybs  plus size of the back bell will  …
    How to complet the moto with diffirance engine types, diffirence back hub and – who know what – back drive belt weel… Is all so mixed up I dont know how to ‘swim ‘ in this ‘ocean’ !!??%$#
    \That kind of work sheet of types and its specyfications make all vespa mopeds owner live SOO BEAUTIFILL !!!


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    Well i know more or less which code belong to which model with the Dutch mopeds, but the types you name are German/Swiss/Italian versions.


    12/7 was sold in Holland with 25 km/h models
    12/10 was sold in Holland with 45 km/h models
    12/12 was sold in other countries with different regulations, this is the best performing carburator that was sold off factory.

    But engines will work with all different carb and buck hub variations so i do not exactly understand what you question is?


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    Thanks for the reply ,

    Ok, for exemple we will be talking about carbs 12.10.
    Vespa Ciao about 1982-1986.
    What size of back belt weel ?
    What type of rear hub – there are difffirent ratios of those I have from ciao bravo mixed up..
    How to know the stereotype of the set ups?
    12.10 ciao ?
    12.12 ciao
    12.10 ciao mix
    Aaa, and diffirent sizes of ‘bell’ weel  –  front belt weel (cluth)


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    No, i am sorry i can not tell you because this varies with the different build years and country specifications etc.

    Original back belt wheel (pully) shall probably be 85 or 95, 105 also exists but this does not fit a Ciao.

    12.10 of 12/12 will do perfect on every engine.

4 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 4 (van in totaal 4)

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