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    Okey, so when the ring is present it’s not possible to drill the inlet? Or is it not possible to make it wider from the inside?
    Are you sure the ring isn’t a reinforcement for the carburator, so the inlet doesn’t snap off so easy?

    Based on 22,5mm uitlaat and straight inlet, the it would be safe to say that the carter isn’t restricted and a DR43mm will fit without milling out.
    But, is it still a Snorblok or can we make some conclusion it might be a bromblok?


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    Scandinavia used to be inhabited by vikings, it is quite possible that the Italians took revenge through this carter for the fact that the Vikings attacked their country.

    It is just a ring, and the only thing I can say about it is that when you come across it, and you flow the inlet, that you tend to leave pieces of the ring in there, in the hope that those pieces won’t come loose.
    Experience shows that the pieces do come loose.

    In the Netherlands, Piaggio had to comply with the rule that mopeds were not easy to tune. I don’t know how that was for your country.
    You are on your own.
    It would be nice if you share your findings with us. Then we can also learn something.

    There are 2 types of inlet limitations. The one with the tube squeezed in and the one I’m talking about.

    And because the Vikings also attacked the Netherlands, I am not going to say anything about this subject anymore. πŸ˜›

    Draaiwerk, freeswerk, carters kotteren? Reparatie of tuning?
    Klik hier.

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    I’m always on my own! πŸ™‚ And this is a trojan-horse, deifinatly not made for the Swedish market as the Ciao max speed never been above 25km/h.. πŸ˜€

    So I opened the engine today at it seem to be a “belgische” carter.
    And as far as I know, from reading this thread, it is a brom-kruk aswell?

    Verschil Brom / Snor krukas

    EDIT: Is this really an original kruk? The logo doesn’t look like Piaggio, and the other side is “R”..
    Anyone have more info on the kruk?

    The bore for cylinder skirt is 46,3mm, is this a restricted carter or can I fit a 43mm cylinder without problem? There are some marks on skirt I’ve never seen, maybe someone have milled it a bit?
    The cylinder and piston are not original I think, hence outlet might be 22,5 instead of 23 for restricted carter!?!?

    How would this carter stand against polini SE regarding inletdurations and so?

    The inlet is 11,5mm, I think it would be possible to drill is to 13mm without finding steelrings inside.

    I’m thinking about:
    – DR 43mm
    – Drill the carter to 13mm for future tuning.
    – 12/12 carb at this moment
    – Polini filter
    – Gianelli City Power



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    How do you like to wish to use the moped, and what sort of exhaust do you want to use and solid pouley drive?
    You could make the intake duration longer if you like, i prefer to only tune the crank case and not the crankshaft. The dereference between snor and brom crank isn’t that great.
    I would not drill the intake bud make it bigger and flow it with a dremel kind of tool.
    I did two engines with a polini 43 kit 13/13 polini filter and flowed inlet one with a city power exhaust andΒ  one with a leovici expansion exhaust, reworked crank inlet timing, made a very small radius on the exhaust and redesigned the cylinder head.
    The city power engine is a great city tool. It torques great from start and drives 50+km. It could be faster with a longer drive, accelerate from standing still is very good.
    The other engine is a screamer, it is as fast from standing stile bud needs the strongest clutch springs to do that. It does 70km bud you are always in a rush on this engine. If you drive around 40 (only 25 is allowed) its always nervous on the exhaust alternating some speed. It always needs to rev a lot and make a lot of noise. Not great if you don’t want the attention and like to cruse and talk some. I am going to swap the crank and exhaust i want it to cruse better and not to “race”

4 berichten aan het bekijken - 16 tot 19 (van in totaal 19)

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