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    a few years ago I bought the following off TimOo on the forum:

    43mm Pinasco DEPS cylinder tuned
    28mm exhaust port
    50km old Malossi DEPS piston
    Malossi 43mm cylinder head

    It was a project block with home made side intake reed-valve project block.

    I want to keep the pedals (for some unknown reason … I just think they make the moped so cool) so a side intake is out of the question. This morning I got another block in the post from Italy with a 13/13 and an Olyimpia 43mm cylinder P10.

    The plan is to match the new carter to the 43mm DEPS Picasso and order a 22mm outlet flange from somewhere.

    Without the side inlet will the 43mm DEPS run well with a 13/13 and 22mm exhaust or would I be better trying to find a suitable 28mm?
    Exhaust options are
    Leo HM
    Proma cannon
    Gianelli Hyper

    My ciao still runs with a 46mm polini P12 on polini Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčEngine and gianelli fire right now, but soon the center stand will come off, once I manage to get a hold of an actual old timer center stand axle to support the side stand. Right now I use a bolt (maybe m8x115mm but I’m not 100% certain)
    Then I can use one of my better exhausts on my ciao too!

    Thanks for any input ^_^

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    Cylinder in question.


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    Since a few days I drive with a 43 Pinasco deps and with a single 13/13 and 22 mm exhaust manifold. I use a Simonini proline exhaust, jet 86 and no air filter. I like how it drives, it’s quite fast and works great with variomatic. With just a single 13/13 a 22 mm exhaust will work fine. Of the 43 mm cylinders the deps is one of the fastest there is, so its certainly worth it to modify cases for it!


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    This cylinder belongs with 2×13/13 or with a 19mm carburettor according to the corresponding descriptions but also runs with a thick jett without air filter on 1 x 13/13mm Carb :thumb

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