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    Hello You All !
    I have two ciao mix – one run like devil and second one goes max 25 km/ h plus is not keeping slow ‘parking’ rpm – engine is stopping after few second of ideling. Carburator was cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner, ( I try carb from the first ciao mix – no change ) .
    I try diffirent back weel (diffirent hubs) – also no change.
    Can that be the the CDI ? Or something else ?
    All the best !


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    Now it came to me – maby it is a simmering on the crankshaft ?
    No sight of oil leaking from simmering in magneto aera under the engine ..
    Maby something else I dont see..
    carburator 12.10
    12mm intake in engine..


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    Hi jacek,

    Maybe a bit more information to help you ahead. You have two Ciao mix mopeds and one is not running good and is slow ?

    Best would be to take some pictures and a video. Furthermore:

    1. How old is this engine? Did you revise it before ?
    2. Did it always had this speed or was it faster before?
    3. What cilinder is mounted, maybe your need to check the pinston if it already drove many km’s ?
    4. Did you try another spark plug already ?
    5. What is your complete setup ?
3 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 3 (van in totaal 3)

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