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    So hi @ all πŸ˜€

    Name: Daniel
    Birthday: 14.9.1992 (16)
    Mofa: Ciao (2: 1= P — 1= PX ) and 1 Puch Maxi KTM

    Ich habe mich auch hier registriert da ich mehr von der Ciao welt wissen wollte was sonst noch in anderen LΓ€ndern alles geht…

    Man sagt ja: andere LΓ€nder andere Sitten πŸ˜€
    Mal par leute mehr kennenlernen und schauen was die in Holland so zu bieten haben ^^ Meine Erwartungen sind recht grosse πŸ™‚


    I have registered myself also here there I wanted to know world what else in other lands everything more about the Ciao goes…

    One says: other lands other customs πŸ˜€ spot pair of people get to know more and look what in Holland so have to offer ^^ my expectations are rather big ones πŸ™‚

    MfG Daniel


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    Ich hoffe du findest etwas interessantes.


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    Mr.D :
    One says: other lands other customs πŸ˜€

    that’s absolutely true.

    The German, the Italian and the Dutch have three completely different kinds of customs. I hope you like the dutch, allthough they’re a kind of radical in the eyes of Germans or Italians, I think.
    I hope you enjoy looking at a few of ‘our’ projects :thumb


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    Lol ^^

    You have the Swiss forgotten. However, I do not think here many Swiss are announced. Nevertheless, there I am really an exotic πŸ˜‰ joke, now to essential ^^

    I like projects and am also often active if which in run are. I am further glad to learn the new and to discover new parts hopefully also. In the end, is great fun to me mostly. I same drive also a racingciao, only it is to be put to me embarrassingly before there she does not look really fantastically, above all, not if I thus your motorbikes looks πŸ˜›

    MfG Daniel :lol


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    sprech deutsch

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