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    I’m using a cr85 radiator. Mounted to the side of the gas tank

    Lc head before the dome for the squish was turned

    With this setup I hit 50 mph for the first time on flat through the tunnels

    Then the dreaded clutch explosion happened. I made it out with a few cuts and bruises. Don’t rev on the stand!!!

    The rear section of the frame was shortened. It was really long looked kinda weird.

    Here’s the 2nd seat I really didn’t like how it looked

    I couldnt find a decent headlight bracket since the fork tubes were so beefy. I used a piece of exhaust pipe to fit over the tubes and turned some washers to clamp to the legs. Welded the piece from the cheap Chinese brackets I bought to hold the light.

    This photo was snapped just before I realized the sub frame began to crack


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    I built a tube subframe after I found multiple cracks in the kinetic sub frame.

    I noticed the belt wasnt traveling all the way up the variator. The clutch shoes were hitting the pulley before it could open all the way. I turned down enough of the pads so the belt could sit at the bottom of the pulley.

    Bike is back together running the polini pipe. I wanted to get a simonini calibrata pipe but didn’t want to spend the cash on it. I came across the dimensions and figured I’d make my own.

    The mounting bolt on my pipe came loose and broke the exhaust port off the cylinder. When I went to repair it I noticed it could be opened up.


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    Since I had the kit off the motor I decided it was time for reed valves. I turned a plug for the intake. Milled a adapter to run a kx65 reed block and a vm24 carb. I have a scooter cylinder I was planning on using when the exhaust port broke off the dr cylinder, but the transfers are huge and there was no way the stock vespa case was going to work.

    The vm24 may be too much carb but I haven’t really ridden it much with this set up


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    Looks good, those are called Berini Kinetic here. They probably sold a lot more of them in the usa than here, I havent seen one in years. If you want a scooter cylinder you need this
    A Minarelli horizontal cylinder fits on it, those are available as both water and air cooled.


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    I have this scooter cylinder,
    from the pictures of that malossi case it looks like 2 of the stud holes are at a wider pattern than the other 2. But I have a game plan for building that motor, I just received the crank that I need to start on that build. Now I just need to find the time.


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    That engine is going to go into this build


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    I did the Fox link setup in my single speed kinetic transmission


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    I added auxiliary exhaust ports to the dr cylinder on the kinetic

    I have a slow leak on my leakdown tester I figured I’d try to run it but it’s getting hot and close to seizing. I need to pull the cylinder back off and braze over the welds to seal it up.

    Rode it out to a vintage bike show, as long at it isn’t held wide open throttle for a period of time its rideable but it is jetted really rich.

    Here is how it currently sits, I have a set of snowflake mags I’m going to install and fix the air leak in the engine so it can be tuned properly.


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    Its all overwhelming but Super Great, your kinda a willywortel(inventor).
    This Perso is allready one of the best and a pleasure to see :thumb
    Your 2stroke cognition is bang on.  😎
    I had the same idea long ago to make a CBA frame to a mono chock because its obvious to do with that split dubble frame.
    Succes with the build 😉


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    Damnn ! Great profile,  like a the stuff you the with the CNC,  its looks like nothing else here on the webpage. Looking forward to see more of you stuff , and I was wondering is it a big problem if you drive faster then 25Mph in the states?


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    Thanks I first saw the clutch swap on this forum. I’ve been reading topic on the forum for years. There are not many people interested in the Vespa mopeds in the states, but that’s nice since you can usually pick them up cheap.

    The law is written that bikes can go no more than 25mph but it is dangerous riding on the road with cars at that speed. I haven’t been pulled over on my bikes, I feel like as long as your are not causing trouble they leave you alone. I like my bikes to do at least 35 with decent acceleration. 45mph is scary on the ciao with a rigid frame, but 50mph on the kinetic with motorcycle forks and shocks is no problem.


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    Here is a ride out video from one of the local rally’s


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    Thats nice to see a moped tour or drive on the other side of the pond:thumb
    Nice that you started a perso, and looking of all the stuff you did we were missing out. Its nice to see the American way of modification. Keep it posting:thumb


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    Joe, some really nice builds you got here! Congrats on the Moped of the month! 😎  (Brommer v/d Maand). You are on the homepage and our socials (Facebook & Instagram)

    41.8 Polini LC, Malossi RV, Schijfrem, Fox Vario
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