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    But can you also move your engine? My vario is taking the whole plate. When I make it shorter the disk are not closing completely.


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    no I can’t move the engine more to the back. Its at the end.
    Are you serious that it is not better ?

    i drove jesterday around 40km and rested the pump.
    first with a Pulley 60mm on the pump and later with a 48mm one.

    I never get above 90 degree!
    Not it is around 75-85 degree. Depends on how aggressiv I drive 😂

    i think it was a good idea to change the pump


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    I think we miss understand Haha.
    The belt is perfect with mine 110mm.
    I can’t make it tighter then the disk dont close any more.
    But if I understand right you can move the engine more to the front to tighter the belt.


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    Hope you can see it here

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    He has 2 rolls an the frame, this makes the belt shorter.


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    0B6D615F-F514-4D6C-8680-D15F80DA04E2You are right!

    1. First rule for tuning:
    the screw belongs on the carburetore!
    And NOT IN the carburetore!

    2. i changed Main jet, and some little other things.
    After that I removed the rolles, and the transmission is a little longer now. But there are another mm missing!
    But the top speed is now a little better. Before I had no Handy with me and my speedo said 5-10kmh more

    but I don’t care. With a hot engine 99.3 GPS measured Km/h is a good finish for the day

    my naighbours hate me now.
    I drive 15-20 times to the garage and back to the fields Hahaha

    now it is time for a beer!



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    Hahaha Nice going ! Yeah I think you result for a fast engine and tour able is a fact ! Think we should drink some fruh together hahah.
    And mine neighbors are use to it now :p


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    Hey Volks,

    next week im going to the Münster Tour at Wevi.
    So i have to pause the house renovation and start to make some maintenence work at the grey devil.

    Actually i have more than 400km with the new Polini Sport on my Speedometer and everything runs already fine and smooth.
    there is only one thing.
    when i push my bike without running engine some meters theres a noise in my gearbox.
    i hope it is only the bicycle push button which scratches at the gear.
    but we will see at the weekend, because i have to change also my back tire and i need some new discs for the back break. after running more than 4k km it is just dead 😀

    tomorrow i will show you some Pictures

    have a nice Friday and a f***** great weekend!


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    So here we are.
    new tire
    new disc
    new break pads
    gearbox refreshed

    and the top Point i shorted my frame so that the belt sits Perfect now.
    Down At the Fotos you See a before and After picture from the clutch.

    first ride, i had to Chance the waights. They Were 1 gramm to light After shorten the Frame.

    then the next ride. But i did not get over  89kmh…..
    what the f***** i thought
    before it was running 95 without laying down.
    with laying down 99-100

    back at Home i found the mistake


    the break was under permanent air pressure from pushing the break saddle back  grrrrrrr

    on monday i will change a Little Bit the carbureatore settings. Its way to rich in the lower rpm…..



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    Nice ! So now you belt fits perfectly 😎
    Hope you have this winter some fun stuff 🙂
    It’s nice to see your back on track !


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    A Little service at the Carb and made everything ready for touring
    8L Tank so that i dont Need to refill at the fuelstation  hehe
    the First Test Drive was 99km/h again.

    im really happy now with the Performance


11 berichten aan het bekijken - 286 tot 296 (van in totaal 296)

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