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    For winterproject i want to create a new engine for my lovely ciao SC from 1979. Its fully original and nice green color in very good condition!

    At this moment i have Polini Speed Engine with 13/13 and Polini Race 43 and fitted head, little tunings/portings at case and cylinder. Combined with Gianelli ori and Malossi Gear 1:9 for vario. Front is Polini Speedcontrol. Ignition is original Piaggio electronic with heavy flywheel.
    Wheels is original 16” with spokes.

    I wanted a (membran) engine with (lots) more power, so i wanted to start with
    very good power from standing to, for me enough, top speed from 80 km/h.
    I want a universal engine, so that i can easily climb hills and mountains (here in my region) and have power on the flat..
    My body weight is 96 kg. I have little package on ciao with tools and 2l 2-stroke mix.
    I want to use in every case my pedals, i think important for choose the exhaust!

    I want to have a reliable machine/engine to do touring in different terrain with enough power, but not so much gasoline thirst.
    For the most time i think, i want not to go over 60 km/h, but i want to have reserve for top speed!

    So, i flirt with this options / components.

    – New Malossi MP ONE carter for electrical ignition
    – Malossi Power ignition with light(er) flywheel and option for 12V Power (lights..)
    – Weighted full circle Mazzuchelli crankshaft, Pen 10 / or better Malossi crankshaft???
    – 19mm Dellorto PHBG with special CNC Plate (from german user Marc/Mofafreak), that Dellorto is directly fitting in front of membran. I know, i have to cut for this the sheet over crank (pedals).
    – Cylinder: New Pinasco black EVOTEN with new head OR
    Malossi DEPS 47mm (without milling the MP ONE in this case)
    // ive read, that the Malossi without any adjustments have a good torque!?
    // the Pinasco black should be more a cylinder for high speeds, and this requires an exhaust, who can do that, i think the calibrata, but i think with this, i cannot use my pedals anymore and second is, the optics from calibrata are conspicuous and does not match the original look of my SC!!
    – Pinasco silver edition with new head.
    // ive read, that this cylinder have more tourque in lower part..
    – Exhaust: Proma CC 22mm (JMPB) or fitted 27mm Malossi Too bad !?

    I know for torque, i need big output (wider), compression and capacity (like 46mm or more) and bigger input over carburator (19 PHBG..).
    Whats the ideal cylinder timing (in combination with vario) for that??

    I think about the new transfer ports layout, malossi will bring new cylinder for MP ONE. So, from the belly feeling ago, i wanted to go with the Malossi DEPS, because this fits perfect on case without any milling. And i think, as bad as sometimes reported, he probably will not be!??

    Some other idea was, that i change to old ignition (contact) system and take light original flywheel (740 gr…) in combination with parts, i told.
    But i think, thats a outdated system and i have to neutral balance the flyhweel about the weighted fullcircle crankshaft..

    Or i stay with the Speedengine, take a case for old ignition and take a fitted light flywheel for Mazzuchelli crankshaft that ive allready have and take PHBG on it and milled Pinasco silver!???
    Its the cheapest option i think..

    Ok, lots of questions and ideas I know 😉

    Perhaps, you have time and can give me a few tips, suggestions and assistance.

    I would be very obliged to thank you!



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    Damn what a story 🙂
    The problem with those reedvalve engines is that they consume lots of fuel, especially when you are driving with a cvt at low speed. You can count on 1 liter for 15km when driving slow (35kmh) upside is that you will have a little more torque, in the lower regions, that’s becouse you wil have a big carb and a good timing on the reedvalve. The speed engine wil produce the power at the hi end of rpm,, because the inlet timing is fixed, and it’s like 190 degrees witch is good for hi Rev cilinders. I really love the reedvalve engine with a 46mm brevotatto or how it’s called,
    It wil go a good 75 til 80 kmph and pulls really good in the lower part of rpms,. I don’t think there are a lot of exhaust witch you can use with the bicycle cranks,, we have to ask some more for that, I think the gianelly ori won’t fit I believe

    De budget beun tjoener: geen geld is te duur of het werkt nog niet
    Link naar Mijn collectie / Projecten.

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    @ritze Thank your for infos and your suggestion! What do you mean with “brevotatto” Cylinder? 😉
    Because of the gasoline thirst you wrote from 1l/15 km…oh my god! Thats nothing for me…i know, power is coming trough power-stuff (gasoline), but for touring thats nothing…
    So, i think, go with the polini Speedengine with light flywheel (old igniton), my 3. option, is best. Or, if the flywheel from new malossi igniton can be balanced to half-circle unbalanced crankshaft in speed engine, i would go with this ignition and take my speedengine case i have allready and put bigger cylinder like Pinasco silver or black on it..

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