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    ich suche nach einem schnellen Auspuff für meinen Reed Valve Motor mit Pinasco DEPS.
    Ich habe den Auslass bearbeitet und möchte den 27mm Auslass fahren.
    Welcher Auspuff ist am besten?
    Fabrizi Racing 27mm
    Calibrata 30mm + Adapter
    Selbstbau-Auspuff (Anleitung auf der Verpackung)
    Proma CC mit 27mm Anschluss (Selbstbau)


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    Proma 27mm solt gut funzionieren (my german is awful i know).

    Selbstbau, wenn du es richtig calculiert, JAWOHL.

    Fabrizi, einfach schön und vielleicht auch schnell….


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    Meine deustch ist also nicht zo gut. 😉 Ich verstehe ihr, aber zum schreiben. :con

    Fortunately, you can also understand the English language.

    First and foremost, you talk about the Pinasco Deps with 27mm flange, but keep in mind originally it comes with an 28mm.
    Malossi does use a 27mm flange though. 😉

    There is almost no exact data or results how these exhausts compare to each other with the bigger flange.
    I think all of the exhausts listed above will perform well, but a separate test during the upcoming exhaust-test 2012 would be nice.

    The best results should be always with a good calculated pipe per setup.
    The rest should perform almost the same I think.

    PS. Calibrata comes also in 27mm and 28mm versions


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    I could not find a calibrata pipe with 27mm since now..
    English is also okay!
    My Pinasco Deps was delivered with a 27mm flange out of the box, new.
    I know a few people build their own exausts, I am not good enough for it to form the exaust.
    If anybody can build it for me, it would be nice if he would write me an pm. All the datas for the exaust are at the box.

    So in conclusion u think an selfmade exaust would be the best? by the way I tried to tune my ports a bit:

    More pictures:


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    You mean this sketch?

    Don’t think this would out perform one of the already spoken about exhausts.


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    Yes I mean this sketch?
    Why u dont think that I would perform better?


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    The somewhat odd measurements and no belly present.
    If you already thinking of building an exhaust from the ground up.
    Better calculate one for your particular setup.

    Here in Holland we have a guy who gives you the calculations and measurements for 10,- euro’s after you first send your data.
    Problem is, forgot the name. 😉 There should be at least someone else knows who I’m talking about. Speedbuxy, some help please?


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